The PTools Absolute Beginners Guide

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Download the 'PTools Pixel Picker'
What is panoramic photography?
How can I create panoramic pictures?
What can Helmut Dersch's Panorama Tools do?
What is parallax error?
How can I correct/avoid parallax error?
What is barrel/pincushion distortion?
How can I correct barrel/pincushion distortion?
What is pitch/roll/yaw?
What is the HFOV?
What about image quality?
Using PTools
What are all these "parameters"
Using scripts
To summarize...
What is 'stitching by hand'?
How do I produce a QuickTimeVR file?
How do I get my Live Picture Zoomit file?
Create Panorama
Create Panorama Options
If Source and Result are differently sized
Bicubic Interpolator

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Thanks to Peter Murphy for his help!